The Gabriela Mistral DC Youth Poetry Contest

The In Series is proud to announce our upcoming Tenth Annual  Finding Gabriela D.C. Youth Bi-lingual Poetry Contest, which honors the memory of Chilean poet and Nobel laureate Gabriela Mistral. Students in the D.C. metropolitan area ages 11 to 19 are invited to submit poems—in English, Spanish, or Portugese or any combination therein. April is National Poetry Month, as well as the month in which Gabriela Mistral was born. Submissions accepted January 15th to April 8th 2019! See Submission Information and Guidelines below.

“…Hincho mi corazón para que entre como cascada ardiente el universo…”
“…I open my heart so the Universe can enter it like a waterfall of fire…”

The Finding Gabriela D.C. Youth Bi-lingual Poetry Contest celebrates the unique experience and passion of young poets and their ability to give voice to the challenges we all face.