or The Elf King’s Oath

June 10 – 18, 2017
at GALA Hispanic Theatre

Carl Maria von Weber’s famous overture for Oberon (1825) preludes a gorgeous midsummer night’s dream of music.  Oberon enlists the mischievous Puck to find true love among humans, as a host of elves, pirates, mermaids, and fairies intervene to help or thwart the quest. Writer & director Nick Olcott’s English adaptation winks at it all and keeps you laughing. Vocal fireworks abound and amaze. Stanley Thurston conducts the chamber orchestra and stellar cast: Aurelio Domínguez, Katherine Fili*, Cara Gonzalez, Sammy Huh*, Anamer Castrello, Alex Alburqueque; with Emily Casey*, Laynee Dell Woodward*, Teresa Ferrara, Patricia Portillo, Louisa Waycott*, Nicholas Carratura, Cornelius David, Elliot Matheny, Simon Charette. DESIGNERS: Jonathan Dahm Robertson, Donna Breslin, Marianne Meadows

Sat 6/10 at 8pm, Sun 6/11 at 2:30pm,
Sat 6/17 at 8pm, Sun 6/18 at 2:30pm

GALA Hispanic Theatre, 3333 14th St NW, Washington DC
Columbia Heights Metro (Green/Yellow Line)
Secure parking available in Giant garage.

General: $47.  Senior (65+): $45.  Under35: $25.  Students: $23. Group (8+) 10% Off

Meet the Cast

Aurelio Dominguez as Oberon

Katherine Fili as Puck

Sammy Huh as Huon

Alex Alburqueque as Sherasmin

Cara Gonzalez as Rezia

Anamer Castrello as Floria

Laynee Dell-Woodward as Mermaid/Titania

Louisa Waycott as Mermaid/Ensemble

Teresa Ferrara as Ensemble

Emily Casey as Ensemble

Patricia Portillo as Ensemble

CJ David as Ensemble

Nicholas Carratura as Ensemble

Simon Charette as Ensemble

Elliot Matheny as Ensemble